Publié par : coolsim | 17 01 2009

Dedication to my dear friends from the first semester: some northern news.

Hi everybody !

You’re not dreaming this post will be in english. This blog try to become international. Well it’s above all a way to be understood by several erasmus students. I promised to do it at least once. And it’s also a way to (maybe) give news to Sarah, Katrin, Delphine, Emmanuelle, Niepce, Hugo, Ieva, Ali, Emil, Edouard, Grégoire, Javi, Felix, Luise, Louise, Ondrej, Pierre, Elsa, Eili, Leyla, Simona, Paola, Imke, Hortense, Oli, Maresa, David, Josi, Carmel, and so on….

So, the non french-speacker shall wonder what’s up here.

It’s still rather quiet in Helsinki, we’re still waiting for some people, and many of us are just arriving so we need time to re-adapt ourselves.

I’m here for only for less than a week but I had a couple of parties yet. The Erasmus way of life didn’t really change: lunch at the Porthania’s cafeteria, Powerpoints to help teachers, ESN parties in the traditional clubs or corridor-parties in Passila with the police as special guest (very early last time: 11 pm), Domus or in Kannelmäki, etc. There are numerous new students, I met some of them last night. It’s nice to give advices and to meet new people even if I’m a bit lazy to work on it. They are discovering Helsinki little by little. It’s a bit hard because of all the new things they have to deal with and also because of the weather which is a bit hard at the moment because it’s very very cold. Most of them also had a weird and very difficult arrival because of the extraordinary terrible weather we had in almost the whole Europe. So they discovered Helsinki under a snowstorm, after flights problems and few lost luggages. Consequently they still don’t know Seurassari and all the charming city where we’re living ;-) .

There is an italian and german invasion (and in a lower level a belgian one) ! It’s a pity: I have to speak english more and more because the french majority totally disapeared ( almost all the parisians are gone). The spanish nation is still alive. Moreover I also have two new flatmates Thomas, he is a political scientist from north-west Germany and Roberto, friend of Giacomo who used to live in Passila, he’s from north Italy. They look nice, I already went to a party with Thomas. We are also trying to federate all the Kontula unhabitants.

I’m sorry but I still not have any gossips. However I guess it will happen lots of things during the semester. I heard that it’s possible to walk on the frozen see, I think we’re gonna have an other Kontula party, we’ll probably have snow again and I’m going to Dublin within ten days. New posts are coming soon.

Hope to hear about you soon,

moi moi !




  1. Simon!
    What a great, fluently written post in english!! (though I should train my french too..) I’m sure you’ll be a warm and helpfull host for a lot of people who are arriving..
    So nice to here about all those places.. and if even Pasila is still alive after such a snowstorm.. I’m sure it’s gonna be a great semester!

    Keep me up to date, also about Dublin.. that’s gonna be amazing.. enjoy your Guiness with a some nice irish music Jeune homme!

  2. Simon, your blog rocks! I didn’t know that you had one about Helsinki, I will try to take a closer look when i’ll be in holidays…
    See you and everyone!

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